DHBC looks to spread God’s word and show His love through many different means. We feel it is vital to be involved in missions around the world as well as sharing Christ with those in the Albuquerque Metro area.

Supporting National Pastors

Through Independent Gospel Missions (IGM) DHBC supports 4 Indian national pastors in their work of spreading God’s word. We continue to pray for our brothers: Pastors Reddi, Rethna, Rethna, and Kumar. We have the benefit of getting regular updates from Pastor Reddi via Skype conversations and have sent local church members visit and minister in India.

Supporting Indian Orhpans

DHBC also supports several orphan’s through IGM’s Orphan Ministry. In India, Archana, Matthew, Elizabeth, Esther, and Calpana. This ministry has been a great blessing and continues to teach us how God can provide. Currently our WoL children are supporting 2, and as Pastor Wesselink says, "They don’t even get paychecks!" The children raise support through garage sales and collecting aluminum cans.

The Lossings (Missionaries in Peru)

We are glad to support Jim and Alethia Lossing as they bring the gospel to unsaved in Peru. The Lossings are in Peru as part of Baptist Mid-Missions and have been leading a seminary there.

Gospel Literature Services (GLS)

GLS's mission is to supply Biblical resources worldwide to enable developing Baptist ministries to fulfill the Great Commission. GLS focuses on providing Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials to missionaries starting new churches around the world. GLS supported DHBC when we were starting out and now we have the priviledge of supporting other growing ministries.

Sermons on the Web

Pastor Wesselink’s Sunday morning sermons are available via podcast. Please look under the media section for these teachings. If you wish to hear previous sermons we have begun keeping an archive and can make previous sermons available to those who wish to catch up. Please continue checking for additional podcast links. Lord willing, we can start to record additional teaching moments, aka Sunday evenings, and pass them on to you.

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