Matthew 5:1-2, “And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying:”

Thankfully we now have the internet and Pastor will not have to climb a mountain every time he teaches!

Current Sunday Morning Series

Here we keep a running series of whatever teaching we are currently on. Our current series is on Luke.

Published Materials

Pastor Kirk’s book, “Advancing the Watch”, is now available purchase from Tate Publishing. We at DHBChurch are excited for the opportunity for folks around the world to have access to Pastor’s in-depth eschatology teaching.

In “Advancing the Watch” Pastor Kirk Wesselink presents a fresh look at Biblical prophecy while using a conservative exposition of pertinent passages. The book begins with a straightforward primer of symbol definitions as presented in various parts of the Bible. With a good set of Biblically defined symbols Pastor Kirk then looks at eschatological passages and their relation to events past, present, and future. Pastor’s goal in writing this work has been two fold. First, to encourage each new generation to take an honest look at eschatology because the last generation will be able to prepare themselves through careful study of God’s Word. Secondly, to spur on believers for the need to share the Gospel with the lost around us.

Archived Files Online

Here are the archived files available to be played direct from the site for those who want the sermons without the iTunes. Files are in chronological order and go all the way back. Please excuse the files whose track titles were never input correctly.

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